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who we are

“We are not a trend agency, rather we partner – as consultants – with our Clients.” Founding partner, creative director Manuela Fassbender.

Founded in 2001 by Berlin-born Manuela Fassbender -- a designer by training -- MBF Inc. is a New York City-based consulting firm that provides Clients with trend and design directions, customized to their Clients’ unique markets.

MBF has worked at developing and establishing a niche market by providing their clientele with information that is both time-effective and actionable.

As consultants, they specialize in partnering with their Clients to:

  • Develop client/market-specific collections – for mail order and/or stand-alone (mono-store) retailers.
  • Regionalize” collections and/or trends, pro-actively facilitating the process of opening up and establishing a presence in new markets – on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Understand, develop and establish sustainable practices within their Clients’ environment, as well as with the development of cost-effective sustainable collections.
  • how we work

    International in Scope

    With a niche market, we are unique in our in-depth knowledge and understanding of European and U.S. markets affording our Clients an international scope with a regional or “local” focus.

    Trend Consulting

    Our trends are exceptional, because they are:

  • Tailored to each Client’s exclusive market
  • Tailored to each Client’s unique customer profile
  • Design Consulting

    We pride ourselves by continuously and consistently making it a priority to bring "added value" to the table -- on every project, account.

    For our Clients we look to continuously elevate the standards of the work we deliver.

    Starting with a trend “inspiration”, we drill down to the next level of product design, breaking down our trends by our Client’s unique segments.

    We assist our Clients in developing and maintaining a clear brand identity with distinct signature collections based on our Client’s customer profile.

    This results in focused, targeted collections that appeal directly to our Client’s customer.

    Sustainability Consulting

    One of the biggest stumbling blocks facing our industry is how to implement sustainable practices, develop sustainable collections while remaining cost-effective.

    For our Clients we define – and develop – innovative sustainable strategies allowing our Clients to act on and meet a growing demand in today’s market not only for sustainable fashion, but also for fashion that is consequential with the environment and society.

    partial client list

  • Lerros Moden
  • The Mulliez Group
  • Olsen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Tom Tailor
  • Otto Group
  • collaborative partnerships

  • Hans Christian Barth
  • Hovard Design
  • Isabelle Duverger
  • Laia Cabrera
  • Public-Images
  • Product & Service


  • RunwayReports
  • CityReports
  • TradeshowReports
  • presentations

    Seasonal Overview includes;

  • Colour Boards including Colour Developments
  • Key Trends
  • Trend Breakdown
  • Fabric & Print Directions
  • client side services

    Seasonal Consulting

  • Branding
  • Collection Development
  • Collection Edits by Product Group
  • Merchandising
  • Sustainability Consulting
    tomorrow and beyond

    Partnering with our Clients, we strategize and implement the “shift” currently impacting the fashion industry.

    In a world that has been ‘reset’ by a trio of global crisis – the sharp worldwide recession, accelerating climate change, and a collapse of trust in business – the implications and opportunities for business are enormous. Now more than ever, innovative sustainability strategies are needed to deliver business value today, and position companies to successfully meet the greater challenges ahead … business as usual is no longer viable.” [BSR Conference 2009]

    Retailers are very skeptical about the ability to combine great design with sustainable fabrics, fair trade.

    This perception is what needs to be changed. Sustainable garments should look as stylish as any other garment.

    For the consumer, we need to focus and understand:

  • How the consumer is changing their spending habits, how their purchasing trends are changing.
  • How we educate the consumer and do gain or re-gain and retain their trust.
  • How we avoid “green-washing”.
  • At a retail level, our focus is on:

  • Operations, production, marketing & CSR.
  • Product volume, product development, consolidation – where appropriate – of brands.
  • Merchandising – POS/POP.
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly products.
  • Green-washing versus sustainability.
  • Production transparency.
  • Packaging review.
  • Giving back.

  • First and foremost, the environment. We do believe that we, as a responsible conscientious community, must take concrete steps now -- to ensure the health and well being of our planet, for ourselves, for our environment and for future generations.
  • If our planet is healthy, then we too are healthy.
  • Because as intelligent beings, the onus is on us to come up with sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, at a cost accessible by one and all.
  • Because we do want to prevent further climate change that lead to calumnious natural disasters.
  • Because we are a global community, all should share a global economy -- and our successes.
  • Because transparency is key to instilling trust, inspiring others to follow in the same steps.
  • Because it is up to us to set an example, to be a role model, to make a difference.
  • We believe that innovation and technology is key. Combined with consumers demand for accountability -- there in lies the path to a sustainable future.

    MBF Profiles

  • www.blank-label.com
  • www.peopletree.co.uk
  • www.freitag.ch
  • www.shanghaistandard.com
  • www.wooden-radio.com
  • www.regenerateclothing.com
  • www.luxuryistohavesimplethings.com
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